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BBKFI Voting System​
At BitBlocks.Finance we avoid making arbitrary changes, You as a user have the power to choose the next changes of the BBKFI project.
To vote on new proposals it is necessary to have BBKFI stopped in your wallet, (It cannot be in a pool or farm). Your voting power is based on the amount of BBKFI you had in your wallet in the exact block of the snapshot
Creating proposals:
Any user can create a proposed change to the BBKFI using the website For a proposal to pass, there are some rules:
  • Proposals must have at least 5% of the circulating coins in voting power
  • Must have at least 10 different voting wallets
  • Voting must last at least 1 week
  • The snapshot must be taken at the time the proposal starts (or very close)
What can be changed?
Proposal created by the team (CORE PROPOSAL)
The proposals created by the BitBlocks team are special, for it to pass the above rules are not necessary, these proposals appear when a change in the BBKFI is necessary. (BBKFI team cannot vote in this proposals)